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The ergonomics of sitting

"Buying furniture-specifically sofas and chairs, with which you are going to have extended bodily contact - should be like buying shoes. You can have your showpieces that are collectible, sculptural or fashionable, just like that pair of Manolo Blahniks. But to truly relax, what you need is seating that fits you as well as a pair of running shoes, with the right amount of support and cushion." says Margo Fraser, a kinesiologist and ergonomics consultant. - New York Times May 2015

Ergonomic experts say

The sitting position for ideal body alignment.

  • Knees at a 90-degree angle
  • Feet touching the ground, with ears over hips
  • On a surface with good back support

Healthy Tip!

No matter how good our posture, our bodies are not meant to sit for hours at a time. Get up and move around every now and then. Experts recommend as frequently as every 20 minutes. Thank goodness Netflix has a pause button.

Be Aware

Just a heightened awareness of your posture goes a long way. Pay attention to your body alignment. Slumping for hours takes its toll.

Sofa Spud Tip

While you're sitting there watching screens, take 5 minutes between every show to hit up YouTube for a fitness video. Stretch, run in place, do some yoga poses. Getting up and getting your blood moving will do you a world of good, and experts say it can also extend the quality of your life.

Have a Seat

Americans sit, a lot. On average, we sit about 13 hours a day. Even if you throw in an hour of exercise every now and then that's a whole lot of sitting - 4, 745 hours per year to be exact! What you sit on matters. If  it doesn't give you proper support it could be problematic in the long run. The New York Times recently published an article on how important ergonomic furniture is to staving off body aches and pains. At Jerome's, we are pleased to say we were ahead of that curve," says Jerry Navarra. Our 61 years of experience selling mattresses has taught us a thing or two about pressure points and comfort. We decided to take what we knew about building a better, more comfortable mattress and transferring that knowledge to our new Dream Seating® collection. The difference is amazing.

Why It's Different

Ever notice how traditional seat cushions can feel flat and become uncomfortable after lots of use? Jerome's Dream Seating® has mattress technology such as pocketed springs, and Jerome's-gel® for a more supportive and comfortable, longer lasting seat feel.


High-density memory foam with infused gel. Memory foam molds to the body in response to heat and pressure. It evenly distributes body weight and relieves pressure points. Remove the pressure and it snaps right back to its original shape. It increases comfort, support, and durability. Gel memory foam is infused with gel that keeps the surface feeling cooler.

Pocketed Springs

Pocketed springs are excellent at contouring to your body while providing superb support. They give you a buoyant, weightless feeling and don't transfer motion like regular spring units. Most importantly, they are extremely durable because they are made from high carbon steel and won't wear out over time.

How Important is Foam Density?

Very. Upholstery foam is measured by its density or the amount of polyurethane it contains. The heavier a foam is the more polyurethane it has, and the longer it will last. Using a low-density foam is an easy way for furniture retailers to skimp on cost and quality unbeknownst to shoppers. At Jerome's we only use premium, high-density foam. "Ask about it next time you go shopping," says Jerry. "We want our sofas to last many years so we only sue the best, and the results are tangible."

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