Augmented Reality | Jerome's Furniture

Augmented Reality

How to view furniture in AR

Augmented Reality (AR) technology places digital images in a camera view creating the impression of a real life object. See how your favorite items look in your room before you purchase!

AR works on these smart devices

  • iPhone and iPad on iOS 12+
  • Android 8.1+ with ARCore 1.9 support
  • No app or special software needed!

Starting AR viewing

  1. Tap the "See It In Your Room" button
  2. On mobile devices, this starts the AR viewing mode
  3. On laptops and PCs, this shows a QR code you can scan with your phone
  4. With your phone in AR viewing mode, start placing the item in your room

Placing furniture in your room

  1. Pan your camera around the room and floor first
  2. Move the furniture item around by swiping with your finger
  3. Rotate the item by turning with two fingers
  4. Resize the item by pinching with two fingers
  5. When done, tap the button

Exploring in AR

You can do a lot with your AR furniture once you've placed it in your room ...

  • Walk around the furniture item to see it from all angles
  • Get up close with your phone to see the details
  • Take a screenshot using the shutter button
  • Send your item to others using the sharing button