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How to Get Modern Style in Your Own Home

Have you ever walked into a room and felt instantly calm? Odds are you were feeling the benefits of modern design. Although modern design comes in many iterations, the defining characteristics of the movement include clean lines and minimalist design. Modern design not only projects a peaceful aesthetic, but when you incorporate it into your home, it can actually help you achieve a more peaceful lifestyle. Less clutter means less cleaning, and a simpler design means lower renovation costs and less upkeep.

What Is Modern Design?

When you think of something modern, you may be picturing the latest trends that only the youngest and hippest among us catch before it’s gauche. But when it comes to design, modern style is a specific design movement that began around the beginning of the 20th century, peaking in the 1950s and ‘60s. Modern-style decor takes its cues from German and Scandinavian architecture and is part of the larger modernism movement along with Cubism and Abstract Expressionism.

Modern design rejects the ornateness of earlier design styles, favoring simple over flourish. There are several elements that define modern style.

  • Clean lines. In a move away from Gothic and Victorian styles, modern design strives for straight, clean lines. Furniture, like mission and shaker styles, and architectural details favor sharp lines with no adornment over curves and ornamentation.
  • Less is more. Modern design embraces minimalism and eschews any unnecessary architectural detail like trim, moldings, throw pillows, or knick-knacks. Minimalist design follows the tenant that “form follows function,” so rooms are carefully curated for practicality and efficiency.
  • Limited use of color. Modern style uses a neutral color palette, often adding a limited bold accent color, possibly through wall art or a throw rug, to provide visual interest.
  • Simple shapes. Perfect geometric shapes are often used in modern design, including sharp-edged squares and rectangles, as well as circles and ovals.

Modern design is often confused or used interchangeably with contemporary design, but the two are very different. Modern design is a specific, defined style that invokes minimalism and clean lines. Contemporary design, on the other hand, is an evolving idea of design, incorporating newer trends and borrowing from past eras. So while a contemporary interior design may have some modern style elements, it tends to be more eclectic and less rigid than modern design.

How You Can Get Started With Modern Design in Your Own Home

If you’re convinced that you’re ready to take the leap into modern style, here are the steps to get you started.

  1. Remove clutter. Remember, less is more. Anything that doesn’t have a function has to go. For example, modern style typically features an open floor plan and lots of natural light, so you’ll need to remove all extraneous furniture that cuts off the room flow or heavy window treatments that block sunlight.
  2. Choose functional modern furniture sets. Once your space is decluttered, choose your foundational furniture pieces for each room, whether it’s modern bedroom furniture sets for your bedroom, modern kitchen table sets for the eat-in kitchen, or a clean-lined sofa for your living room. The principal guiding each furniture choice should be whether it is functional and practical. To maximize space, look for simple pieces that serve multiple purposes.
  3. Accessorize minimally. Modern design is minimal, which doesn’t mean zero accessories. It just means practical, beautiful, functional accessories are preferred. Mirrors in natural materials such as steel, glass, or wood are a perfect modern design accessory, as they function to maximize the light and appearance of space. Remember to limit rooms to three colors maximum.

Get Modern With the Help of Jerome's

Modern design may seem intimidating, but it’s really all about simplifying. Jerome’s Furniture has a carefully curated collection of modern furniture and accessories featuring clean lines, sharp geometric shapes, or perfect circles that will have you breathing easy in your own space in no time.