Do Not Sell My Info

Do Not Sell My Info

We sell furniture, not data.

Transparency is important to us. So we want you to be confident in our handling of your personal information. Jerome's Furniture does not sell your personally-identifiable information for monetary gain, never has, and never will. You are our customer, not our product.

Naturally, to assist you online and process your furniture order, we must collect certain information from you. Under California law you have rights regarding this info and we provide you with tools to protect and limit its use.

What are your rights?

  • You have the right to know what info is collected and used.

    When you place an order, we record your name, phone number, street and email addresses. Use the View Order History tool below to see the orders you've placed. Also, see our privacy policy for details about non-personally identifiable info we collect.

  • You have the right to delete personal information used for processing your purchases.

    Use the Order Data Removal tool below or call our dedicated Consumer Privacy Request line toll free at (833) 717-0018

  • You have the right to opt-out of personal information shared with third-parties.

    Like most companies, we use third-party services to help us communicate, manage, and improve your shopping experience. California law may classify this as sharing information, and you have the right to opt-out. Use our Data Collection and Cancel Email Subscription tools below.

Privacy tools

View Order History

Use this to search your order history and view your completed orders.

Order Data Removal

Use this tool to request removal of personally-identifiable information associated with a completed order. If you need assistance, call (833) 717-0018

Need help finding your order ID?
Search your order history


Removal request sent.
Repeat for additional orders.

Cancel Email Subscription

Use this to remove your email address from our mailing lists. You can always subscribe again using the signup box at the bottom of any page.

  • To stop receiving emails from us, click the "Unsubscribe" link in our emails.
Data Collection

We are honoring your browser's privacy setting.

To use features of this site that require your data:

  1. Disable privacy protection in your browser
  2. Refresh this page (new Data Collection settings will appear here)
  3. Change your Data Collection setting to Opt-In

Use this tool to change your third-party data collection setting on this web site. Do the same on all other browsers and devices you use to shop here.

Opt-In for third-party data collection on this web site?

For enhanced privacy on other web sites, see Additional Protection below.
Additional Protection

There's even more you can do to protect your information on all the web sites you visit. Here are some of the best:

Use privacy plug-ins or privacy-focused browsers. You can block sites from loading trackers and setting cookies by using a browser with privacy features, like Brave, Edge, Firefox, or installing browser plugins like DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials, Privacy Badger, Ghostery or uBlock Origin. In addition to stronger privacy, this can dramatically speed up web browsing performance. A potential side-effect: some integrated web site features may stop functioning, such as product reviews and other services. But you can enable or disable these extensions on a site-by-site basis depending on your needs.

Block cookies in your browser manually. Many browsers accept cookies by default unless you change your settings to remove or reject them. For more information about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set on your device and how to manage and delete them, visit

Block advertising ID use in your mobile settings. Your mobile device settings may provide functionality to limit use of the advertising ID associated with your mobile device.

Use platform opt-outs. The following third-parties offer opt-out features to limit the use of your information:

Use advertising industry opt-out tools. These opt-out solutions limit the use of your information by participating companies: